Adult Common Gull (Larus canus canus)

Figure 1. Several adults roosting with Eurasian Oystercatchers and Common Black-headed Gulls. The individual on the left has very limited head and neck spotting. Notice the obvious bill band (cf. Ring-billed Gull) separating the yellow tip from the slightly greener bill base. The bill is shallow ('weedy') compared to the major of Ring-billed Gulls and when combined with the more rounded head shape and relatively large, dark eye creates a softer impression. Taken on 26th December 1999 on the shores of Loch Ryan, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland. Copyright Angus Wilson© 1999.

Figure 2. Adult roosting in the River Esk in Musselburgh near Edinburgh, Scotland. Again notice the yellow tipped bill and obvious dark band running across both mandibles. The long wings create an elongated side-profile. Photographed on 31st December 1999. Copyright Angus Wilson© 1999

Figure 3. Sideview of swimming bird. Notice the small head, dark eye, neat spotting on the nape forming a half-collar. Taken on 26th December 1999 in Stranraer Harbour, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland. Copyright Angus Wilson© 1999.

Helpful Literature

Grant, P.J. (1986) Gulls: A guide to identification. 2nd edition. Academic Press.

Other adult Common Gull images on the web

A banded adult, showing blue-gray leg color and bicolored bill with fairly complete dark ring. Taken in October 1993; Adult approaching breeding condition but retaining some faint head markings and Adult in alternate-plumage. Note obvious red orbital ring. Photos taken in Bergen, Norway by Frode Falkenberg and Alf Tore Mjös.

Series showing an adult in basic plumage. Walking and taking flight showing extended wing. Useful comparisons to Ring-billed Gull. This is the long staying individual from Winthrop, Massachusetts. Photos taken by Don Crockett on 10 February 1998.

Sketches and discussion of primary pattern by Harry Lehto based on observations in central Finland.

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