American Golden Plover (Pluvialis dominica)
Range: The Americas.

Closely related to Pacific Golden-Plover (formerly lumped as Lesser Golden Plover) and identification can be difficult.

Juvenile Plumage

Fig. 1. A relatively slender dull brown (rather than golden) Pluvialis plover with neat spotting along the feather edges and prominent eye supercilium. Notice the primary tips on this bird. These do not seem to fit the general rule used to differentiate Pacific Golden-Plover. Only three primary tips extend beyond the tertials and the longest is only marginally longer than the tail. Other aspects of the bird seem good for American Golden-Plover. Juvenile Pacific G-P, tend to be more obviously golden, with broader pale notches on the tertials, scapulars and mantle feathers. The white supercilium and relatively weakly marked nape are further pro-American G-P features. Photographed on 22 September 2001 at the Liberty Sod Farm in Northern New Jersey.

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