Black-footed Albatross


Monotypic. Closely related to Laysan Albatross and regularly hybridize.




Where and When


Photos and information on the web

From Midway Island in Hawaiian Chain. Photographer unknown.

Landing on water From Gulf of Alaska. Photo by John Wallace.

Latest population news

Worldwide there are at least 61, 000 breeding pairs of Black-footed Albatrosses. The largest colonies of these birds in the northwestern Hawaiian Islands are found on Laysan Island and Midway Atoll, which together contain over 40, 000 breeding pairs. Smaller populations occur on the Japanese Islands of Torishima and Chichijima.

The major threat to Black-footed Albatrosses is longline fishing. The birds dive for baited hooks as the lines are being set, become entangled and drown.


Johnson, S.A. (1990) Albatrosses of Midway Island. Carol Rhoda Books, Minneapolis, MN.

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