Probable Slaty-backed Gull from Florida

The bird was discovered by Gerard Phillips and Mark Hedden during a "migratory bird count" at 9:30 am on Higgs Beach Key West Forida, USA on September 21st 2002. All images copyright of Gerard Phillips© 2002.

Figure 1. Side portrait. Note the reddish-pink legs.

Figure 2. Detail of the head and bill. Shows small amount of dark flecking on the pale yellow iris.

Figure 3. Wings  raised as it prepares to take flight.

Figure 4. IN flight showing undersides of wings.

Figure. 5 Another side portrait.

Figure. 6 In flight showing spread primaries and upper surface of wing.

Figure. 7 In flight showing broad trailing edge to secondaries to good effect.

Figure. 8 Standing with basic-plumage adult Laughing Gull, affording comparison of mantel color. Note also the broad white tips to the tertials and secondaries.

Note on the digital photographs: The photos were taken with an Olympus D550 through a Kowa TSN and B&L Elites or just hand held without any optics involved. There was a lot of wind and spray about while taking the photos! The images were cropped and the Unsharp mask function in photoshop used sparingly EXCLUDING THE COLOR LAYER so that colors remained unaffected.

All photographs copyright of Gerard Philips© 2002 All rights reserved.

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