Indian Yellow-nosed Albatross (Diomedea carteri)


Recently split from Atlantic Yellow-nosed Albatross. In their checklist of Seabirds, Bourne and Casement (1993) divided the two forms of Yellow-nosed Albatross into Western Yellow-nosed Albatross (WYNA) and Eastern Yellow-nosed Albatross (EYNA). This naming system is used by Tickell 2000.


Potential for confusion with Atlantic Yellow-nosed Albatross and Grey-headed Albatross


Where and When

Non-breeding birds disperse across the warmer waters of the subtropical and subantarctic Indian Ocean, reaching southeast Australia and the eastern coasts of Southern Africa. Not yet recorded in the Pacific east of New Zealand.

Breed on isolated islands spread across the Indian Ocean: Prince Edward Islands (7,000 pairs), Crozets (4,430 pairs), Amsterdam Island (37,000 pairs), St Paul (a few pairs) and Kerguelen (50 pairs).

Photographs on the web

Adult in flight showing head and dorsal surface Taken off off Sydney, NSW, in July by Tony Palliser.
Adult on water. An outstanding photograph! Taken off off Sydney, NSW, in August by Tony Palliser.
View of adult in flight from below. Taken by Tony Palliser off Wollongong, NSW in August.
Adult on water Taken by Tony Palliser off Wollongong, NSW in August.


Tickell, W. L. N. (2000) Albatrosses. Yale University Press.

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