Juncos: What do we know?

From Mark Szantyr:

Fig. 1. (below) Mark writes: [The image below] was taken in Storrs, Tolland Co. CT October of 1993.  This is one of the first of these hooded hyemalis types I encountered.  It began my interest into this cismontanus / Cassiar Junco thing.

Fig.2-3. Below: From Waterbury, New Haven Co. Connecticut January 2002. Similar to Bird 1 in the original Surbirds posting.

Fig. 4-6. Images 'Jan 2003' and '2003A' are two different but similar birds at my feeder in Waterbury, New Haven Co. that year.  2003A is Surfbirds Bird B, second posting.

Figs. 7-10. (Below) These are of a bird in Waterbury, CT now.  The photos are by Bruce Finnan and I have seen this bird.  It appears to me to be very Oregon like and is likely a female of one of the oregon forms.


Figs. 11-13. From Andy Guthrie: Another puzzling junco, photographed on Gilgo Beach, Long Island New York 21 Oct 2001.

From Mark Szantyr:

Fig. 14. Typical Eastern Juncos.

From Mark Szantyr:

Fig. 15. "Non-Typical Eastern Juncos".

Fig. 15. Pink-sided and White-winged Juncos.

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