Long-tailed Jaeger (Stercorarius longicaudus)


Two subspecies currently recognized:
S. l. longicaudus
S. l. pallescens

Also known as Long-tailed Skua


Figure 1 Very dark juvenile Long-tailed Jaeger. Composite figure of a single bird videotaped at sea NW of Bodega Head, California on 25 August 1999 during a Shearwater Journeys trip. Copyright of Angus Wilson© 1999

Where and When

Photographs on the web

A superb series of birds photographed by Tony Palliser in February off Wollongong, NSW, Australia:
Adult/subadult in basic plumage showing breast band and uppersurface of wings and tail.
Immature taking flight showing uppersurface of wing, lacking obvious wing flash
same immature taking flight showing detail stripes on underwing
Close-up of an immature(?), showing details of the mantle and striped uppertail coverts.

Sideview of adult in flight Photographed in October off the Santa Lucia Escarpment, California by Jerry R. Oldenettel.

A very nice series showing multiple individuals in basic plumage feeding on a floating log. Taken by Martin Reid off Chile in December.

Breeding adult Photo taken in Finland by Markku Savela

Adult in alternate plumage Portrait taken in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada by Simon Perkins.

Adult in alternate plumage flying Photograph by Monte Taylor, taken in Barrow Alaska.


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Copyright © 2002 All rights reserved. Angus Wilson
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