Mottled Petrel (Pterodroma inexpectata)


Sometimes refered to as Peale's Petrel or Scaled Petrel


Fig. 1. A beached Mottled Petrel photographed by Aleix Comas on 17 December 2001 at Mason's Bay, Stewart I, New Zealand. The raised wing shows the strong black carpal bar across the underwing coverts. The head and nape are dark grey, although the throat and lores are white. Notice the characterisitic dark blotching on the breast. Photograph copyright of Aleix Comas©2002.

Where and When

Essentially confined to the Pacific. Breeding is now restricted to . Breeding birds disperse southwards to the edge of the pack ice in Antarctica (New Zealand sector). Outside the breeding season migrate through the central Pacific to the rich waters of the Gulf of Alaska, edge of the Aleutian chain and into the Bering Sea.


Copyright ©2002 All rights reserved Angus Wilson
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