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Waterfowl - Geese

Brant x Canada Goose hybrid? Photos from Corona Park, Queens, New York (Added 12 Jan 2003)

Overview of Canada Goose subspecies.(Added March 2003)

Photos and discussion of an 'Intermediate brant' studied with a Black Brant at Floyd Bennett Field, New York City on 26 Jan 2003

Another Intermediate (intergrade?) brant #1 from New York and yet another intermediate (intergrade?) brant #2 from New York

Are these 'intermediate brant' hybrids or intergrades between Atlantic and Black Brant? Read the discussion page with more photos.

An adult Black Brant at Point Lookout, Nassau County, New York on 19 May 2001.

An adult Black Brant at Jamaica Bay WR, Queens County, New York on 19 May 2001. (Added 19 May 2001) .

Does pure Blue-phase Ross's Goose really exist? Thoughts on a bird from central California. (Added Jan 2003)

Domestic goose or leucistic Canada Goose? Photos of a bird that had me puzzled from Jamaica Bay WR, New York. (Added 9 June 2002) .

Waterfowl - Ducks

Some photos of a possible Common Teal x Green-winged Teal hybrid from New York March 2002. (Added 27 Mar 2002).

Eclipse Eurasian Wigeon?

Unidentified female Anas dabbling duck - mallard or mongrel? (added Feb 2003)

Here are some photos and discussion of an interesting drake Aythya diving duck photographed on Long Island, New York on 24 February 2002. Similar birds have been described as Tufted Duck x Scaup hybrid but this begs the question, which scaup? (Added 28 Feb 2002)


Visit the Shorebirds section of Ocean Wanderers for a large collection of reference photos arranged by species.

Eastern or Western Willet? Discussion of a willet photographed on 27 June 2004 in Ontario Canada.

Age and sexing of a Bar-tailed Godwit fron Long Island New York in late May 2004.

Pacific versus American Golden-Plover. Photos of a Pacific Golden-Plover from the Johnson Sod Farm in southern New Jersey on 8 September 2001. (Added 10 Sept 2001)

Black-tailed Godwit - Islandica or limosa? The occurance of New York State's first Black-tailed Godwit has stimulated a discussion of the field identification of the three recognized subspecies: limosa, islandica and melanuroides. Photographs of the New York bird and a review of North American records are presented.

Black-tailed Godwit - identification of the asiatic subspecies melanuroides. Photos showing melanuroides taken in Hong Kong (Added 2 May 2001).

Stint Identification. Rex Stanford generously supplied a series of photographs of an alternate-plumaged Little Stint photographed on 16 July 2000 at Pike's Beach on the south shore of Long Island, New York, USA. These provide interesting comparison to the Red-necked Stint photographed at the same location the day before! (Added 12 August 2000).

Curlew Sandpiper or Dunlin? Brian Small send this photograph of an interesting calidrid sandpiper photographed in Texas in April. There is some debate as to its age and identification.


Identification of Stejneger's Petrel, discussion prompted by a grounded bird on a ship docking in the Hawaiian island of Maui.

Field identification of the boydi subspecies of Little Shearwater. A compilation of postings to ID-Frontiers focusing on separation from Audubon's Shearwater. (Added 21 Dec 99)

Audubons or Great Shearwater? Opinions differ on the identification of this shearwater, photographed on the edge of the Gulf Stream off Manteo, North Carolina. Comments are collected from the Pelagics newsgroup. (Added 12/9/99)

Images of an adult Shy Albatross seen during a pelagic trip off Northern California on 24 August 1999. If accepted this will be the third record for North America and first for California. (Added 9/2/99)


Review of the first North American Gull Conference in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada 24-26th November 2000.

Herons and Egrets

Little Egret in Delaware USA. Separation Little Egret from Snowy Egret. (Added 7/21/99)

Discussion of potential confusion between white phase Little Blue Heron and Little Egret or Western Reef Heron (June 2004).

Plegadis Ibis

White-faced Ibis in New York July 2002. Separation White-faced from Glossy Ibis. (Added 7/10/02)
Aging and molt in Glossy Ibis: adults, juveniles and oddities. (added 7/10/02).


Identification and taxonomy of juncos, with emphasis on occurrance of Oregon and Pink-sided Juncos in Eastern North America. Page 1 Debate from ID-Frontiers and Page 2 Additional photos and sketches (Added 14 Jan 2004).

Puzzling junco from Gilgo Beach, Long Island, New York 1999.

Separation of Western, Couch's and Tropical Kingbirds. Discussion of a hybrid Tyrannus flycatcher from Genesco, New York, November 2003.

Identification of Hermit x Townsend's Warbler, Jones Beach Long Island, New York.

Hammond's Flycatcher (Empidonax hammondii), Jones Beach, Nassau County, New York, 27 October 2001.

Photos of an unusual Varied Thrush (Zoothera naevia), singing but lacking breast band taken on 15 March 2003 at Hempstead Lake State Park in Nassau County, Long Island, New York.

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