Parasitic Jaeger (Stercorarius parasiticus)


Also known as Arctic Skua

Figure 1 Composite figure of a single bird videotaped at sea NW of Bodega Head, California on 25 August 1999 during a Shearwater Journeys trip. Copyright of Angus Wilson© 1999


Where and When

Photographs on the web

Small series of a probable Parasitic Jaeger seen at Jekyll Island, Georgia USA. Photos and text by Jim Flynn. Aging remains uncertain, but thought to be molting into second-basic plumage.

Probable basic plumaged Parasitic. Taken off Louisiana in June. Photo by Dave Patton.

Adult in flight Taken in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada by David Stimac.

Pair of adults Beautiful shot taken in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada by David Stimac.

Adult in alternate plumage flying Photograph by Monte Taylor, taken in Barrow Alaska.

Ventral view of adult From the Birds of Foula, Shetland web site


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