Salvin's Albatross (Diomedea salvini)


Traditionally lumped with Shy Albatross, White-capped Albatross and Chatham Island Albatross. This taxonomy may be subject to revision but is adopted here largely to highlight the specific problems faced by the different breeding populations and focus attention on their at-sea identification.


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Where and When

Breeds on Snares and Bounty Islands (ca 77,000 pairs) off New Zealand and on Penguin Island (less than 5 pr) in the Crozet Island Group. Total world population estimated at 350,000-380,000 individuals.

Ranges widely when away from breeding islands, reaching the Humbolt Current (5 degrees south) and also the Indian Ocean as far as South Africa. Concentrate over Continental slope areas, where they come into contact with fishing fleets.

Photographs on the web

Adult on water. From Jeff Blincow's site.

In flight Photo by Martin Reid and on his excellent site.


Gales R. (1998) Albatross populations: status and threats. In 'Albatross Biology and Conservation'. (Eds. Robertson, G. and Gales, R.) Chp 3, p 20-45. Surrey Beatty and Sons Ltd.

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