Spectacled Petrel (Procellaria conspicillata)


Closely related to the White-chinned Petrel, this species is appropriately known as the Ringeye by Tristan Islanders by virtue of its striking white facial markings. As a breeder, it is restricted to Inaccessible Island within the Tristan da Cunha group, positioned in the South Atlantic almost midway between South America and Southern Africa. The main reason for full species status are the differences in vocalizations Spectacled Petrels produce a deeper (and apparantly more harmonious) groans and rattles than White-chinned Petrel (Ryan, 1998). Play-back experiments suggest this might be an important isolating mechanism. In addition, Spectacled Petrels are slight smaller and breed a few months earlier than White-chinned Petrel.


Not well understood. Has distinctive spectacles at all ages, even in downy chick. Care must be taken because White-chinned Petrels sometimes have small areas of white on the head, especially on the nape.

Close-up of a Spectacled Petrel (Procellaria conspicillata). Photographed off southeastern Brazil, on the shelf between Santos and Rio de Janeiro, where they are common attending longliners. Photograph copyright of Fabio Olmos©, 2000.

Where and When

Breeds only on Inaccessible Island in Tristan da Cunha group. Disperses in a broad band across the South Atlantic between 25 deg. and 40 deg. South, the majority of the population going to waters off southern Brazil where they are common around fishing boats in summer. Significant mortality in long-line fishing, comprising up to 8% total deaths in tuna and swordfish fishery off southern Brazil and Uruguay (Ryan, 1999).
Interestingly, once occured off Amsterdam Island in the Indian Ocean but not seen anymore. May have been a breeding species but extripated by introduction of pigs (Ryan, 1999).

Photographs on the web

Detailed view of heads of an adult and chick and three adults on water. Photos by Peter Ryan and Fabio Olmos.


Many thanks to Fabio Olmos for allowing me to use his photograph.


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