Recommended books on Pelagic Fishes (tuna, sharks etc.)

Here is a selection of titles that I use regularly or at least enjoyed reading. New suggestions for the list are always welcome! In case you want to get your hands on any of these recommended books, I have added direct links to

Blue Planet by Andrew Byatt, Alastair Fothergill, Martha Holmes. 384 pages; Dimensions (in inches): 1.51 x 11.35 x 10.21 Publisher: DK Publishing; ISBN: 0789482657; 1st edition (January 1, 2002). Richly-illustrated (coffee table) book to accompany the amazing BBC series of the same name. Packed with information and beautifully illustrated.

The Blue Planet - Seas of Life 2 Pack (Parts 1 & 2). 2 DVDs Includes the episodes "Ocean World," "Frozen Seas," "Open Ocean," and "The Deep"

The Blue Planet - Seas of Life 2 Pack (Parts 3 & 4). 2 DVDs Includes four episodes "Seasonal Seas," "Coral Seas," "Tidal Seas," and "Coasts" plus additional features such as "Deep Trouble," an hour-long supplement, in which noted marine biologists describe and illustrate ways in which the fishing industry destroying the delicate balance of marine wildlife.

Giant Bluefin by Douglas Whynott. Published in June, 1996 by North Point Press (ISBN: 0865474974). Doug Whynott provides a wonderful account of Giant Bluefin tuna fishing off Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Although hard to believe in this day and age, these immense and fast moving fish are captured using harpoons. Whynott experiences with these dedicated New England harpooners provides a unique insight into the lives of these magnificent fish and the fishermen who seek them.

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Sealife : A Complete Guide to the Marine Environment by Geoffrey Waller (ed.), Marc Dando, Richard Hull and Michael Burchett. Published in September,1996 by Smithsonian Institution Press (ISBN: 1560986336) Hardcover, 432 pages.A

Excellent general overview of the marine environment.

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